A French kiss

A French kiss
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A French kiss

  • masjidmuhammad
  • Apr 04, 2021


A fasting person kissed a woman in the month of Ramadan. Is qada
obligatory or kaffarah? By “kiss” I am referring to a French kiss. That
is, when one person inserts his or her tongue into the mouth of the
other and sucks the tongue which results in saliva going down the

If by kissing, neither did saliva go down the throat nor did ejaculation
take place, then this act will be makruh. If ejaculation took place, qada
will be obligatory. If the wife’s saliva also went down the throat, then
qada and kaffarah will be wajib, even if ejaculation did not take place.


Fatawa Mahm’diyyah:
If a fasting person swallows his friend’s or wife’s saliva, qada and
kaffarah will be wajib.1

Allah ta‛ala knows best.


1 Fatawa Mahm’diyyah, vol. 10, p. 171.


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