A non-hājī performing hajj-e-badal

A non-hājī performing hajj-e-badal
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A non-hājī performing hajj-e-badal

  • masjidmuhammad
  • Jul 16, 2021


A person has not performed his own hajj, and wants to go for hajj-ebadal.
Is it makruh for him to go? If it is, then is it makruh tahrimi or
makrBh tanzihi?


It is best for the person who wants to perform hajj-e-badal to have
already performed his own hajj. However, this is not a prerequisite nor
is it essential. Yes, if hajj is already obligatory on the one who has been
asked to perform hajj-e-badal, then it is makrBh tahrimi for him to
perform hajj-e-badal, and makrBh tanzihi for the one who asks him.

Allah ta‛ala know best.

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