Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums
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Bleeding gums

  • masjidmuhammad
  • Apr 01, 2021


A person’s gums are bleeding constantly. Either unwittingly or while
he is asleep, the blood goes down into his stomach together with saliva
from his mouth. Will his fast break?


There are two scenarios in the case of blood from the gums going
down the throat:

(1) The amount of blood is less while the saliva is more. The fast
will not break.
(2) The amount of blood is more than the saliva. The fast will
break. However, ‛Allamah Shami rahimahullah says that if the
flowing of the blood is such that it is not possible to avoid, the
fast will not break. This is similar to vomit going back down
the throat on its own.

From the above text we learn that if the blood is more, even then the
preferred view is that the fast does not break because it is difficult to
avoid. Yes, if the person constantly sucks or draws on the gums
[causing the blood to flow], the fast will break.

Allah ta‛ala knows best.

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