Establishing the sighting of the crescent through a radio report

Establishing the sighting of the crescent through a radio report
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Establishing the sighting of the crescent through a radio report

  • masjidmuhammad
  • Mar 09, 2021


The decision of the Jam‛i yyatul ‛Ulama’ is generally broadcast over the
radio. Will the sighting of the crescent be established in this way?


A radio broadcast is like an announcement. If the announcement
regarding the sighting of the crescent is made by a formal committee
which passes a verdict according to a Shar‛i testimony and rules of the
Shari‛ah, and the one who is making the announcement is a Muslim
representing that committee, it will be correct and valid to rely on
that announcement.

Fatawa Mahm’diyyah:

If the court makes a Shari‛ah-valid investigation as regards the
sighting of the crescent while acting under the order of the country,
and then announces it via telegram or radio, then the people of that
city and the areas which fall under it can rely on the announcement. It
will be correct for them to act on it according to the Shari‛ah.1

Īdah al-Masa’il:

A mere radio announcement does not establish the sighting of the
crescent. Rather, in order for it to be reliable, the following conditions
will have to be fulfilled:

1. A Muslim ruler or a responsible member of a Hilal Committee who is
observant of the Shari‛ah personally makes the announcement or asks
someone to announce it after he ascertained the sighting as prescribed
by the Shari‛ah.

2. He must announce that he obtained a testimony, and that the
sighting has been established through a Shar‛3 testimony.

3. The person making the announcement must identify himself by
saying that he is so and so, who is acting on behalf of such and such
ruler or such and such Hilal committee.

4. Details with regard to the radio broadcast must first be presented to
responsible ‛ulama’. They will make their investigations and inquiries.
Once they are satisfied, the person must follow their guidelines and

5. The radio announcement can be relied upon to such a distance that
in the case where it is accepted, it will not result in the month being 28
days or 31 days.

6. On the occasion of this sighting, your horizon is not clear. If not, this
announcement will not be considered.

If the above conditions are fulfilled, the radio announcement is
considered. If not, it will not be considered.2

Fatawa Rahimiyyah:

A Shar‛i judge, body of reliable ‛ulama’, or that crescent-sighting
committee which is accepted by Muslims – these people must obtain a
formal testimony and decide on the sighting. The decision will then be
broadcast via radio by the Shar‛i judge, representative of the body of
‛ulama’ or representative of the crescent-sighting committee. If
‛ulama of other places accept this decision, it will be correct to act on

Fatawa Faridiyyahi:(3)

The announcement or broadcast of a Hilal Committee via a radio will
be compulsorily reliable provided the information is detailed, the basis
and reason for the decision is mentioned so that people can be
satisfactorily convinced.

Also refer to: Jadid Fiqha Masa’il, vol. 2, p. 22; Imdad al-Muftiyyin, vol. 2,
pp. 477-480.

Allah ta‛ala knows best.


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