Extracting a tooth while fasting

Extracting a tooth while fasting
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Extracting a tooth while fasting

  • masjidmuhammad
  • Apr 02, 2021


A fasting person has a toothache. Is it permissible for him to extract
his tooth? Will his fast break if he does?


If the toothache is extremely severe, it will be permissible to extract it.
However, due caution must be taken to ensure that blood does not go
down the throat. Nonetheless, it is makruh to extract a tooth without
any real need while fasting.

Ahsan al-Fatawa:

If there is a severe need, a tooth can be extracted or medicine may be
applied to it while fasting. It is makruh to do this without a severe
need. If the medicine or blood goes into the stomach, and it was more
than the saliva or equal to it, or the person perceived its taste, the fast
will break.1

Kitab al-Fatawa:

In itself, there is nothing wrong in extracting a tooth. However, when
a tooth is extracted, a considerable amount of blood flows out of the
gums. It is also possible that this blood will go down the throat. In such
a case, the fast will break. Therefore, if there is no severe and pressing
need, it is better not to extract a tooth in Ramadan. It is makruh for a
fasting person to extract a tooth if there is no severe need.1

Allah ta‛ala knows best.


1 Ahsan al-Fatawa, vol. 4, p. 426.

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