Hajj-e-badal in exchange for a payment

Hajj-e-badal in exchange for a payment
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Hajj-e-badal in exchange for a payment

  • masjidmuhammad
  • Jul 17, 2021


Is it permissible to hire someone to perform hajj-e-badal, and pay him
for his services?


It is not permissible to hire anyone to perform hajj-e-badal by paying
him for his services. Hajj is a very important act of worship, which
cannot be made a means of earning a livelihood. If not, sincerity will
also disappear. However, if a person takes a wage, then according to
‛Allamah Shami rahimahullah, the hajj of the person who asked him to
perform it will be fulfilled, while the hiring contract will be invalid.
The one who is asked to perform hajj-e-badal is only eligible for
expenses, not a wage.

Permissibility is gauged from some books of jurisprudence. However,
our elders issued the fatwa of impermissibility as a precaution so that
the spirit of sincerity remains in hajj.

The text which demonstrates permissibility reads as follows:

At-Tahrar al-Mukhtar:

Allah ta‛ala knows best.

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