Lesson’s from SURAH YUSUF (by Maulana Yunus Patel R.A)

Lesson’s from SURAH YUSUF (by Maulana Yunus Patel R.A)
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Lesson’s from SURAH YUSUF (by Maulana Yunus Patel R.A)

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  • Feb 10, 2021

Lesson’s from SURAH YUSUF (by Maulana Yunus Patel)

Allah Ta’ala relates the beautiful story of Hazrat Yusuf عَليهِ السَّلام in the Qur’aan Shareef, conveying many lessons for all of us. Unfortunately and regrettably, many people have made this story into a romance – and present it in the form of a romantic novel or romantic poetry, or as a show, drama or a play. People associate and liken it to Romeo and Juliet or Laila and Majnoon.
May Allah Ta’ala protect us from falling into this trap, of accepting the story of Hazrat Yusuf عَليهِ السَّلام in this improper and disrespectful context.

In modern versions of the story, which are usually told, around the world, the narration is only with the focus of romance. Definitely, there is the incident of seduction, which as we know was a failed attempt in inviting and enticing to Zina (adultery). …In these narratives, we will not find any noble lessons featuring anywhere, as presented by the Qur’aan Shareef. These novels and shows reduce the “best of stories” to a tale of sensual love  where there is no spirituality at all; whereas there are great, great lessons to be learnt: The innocence and purity of Hazrat Yusuf عَليهِ السَّلام … his chastity and righteousness … his love and fear of Allah Ta’ala … his generosity, forgiveness and richness of character … and so many more valuable teachings from the different experiences, in the life of Hazrat Yusuf عَليهِ السَّلام .

In the modern-day accounts, there is nothing that will gain us the Ma’rifah (recognition) of Allah Ta’ala; there is nothing that will nurture the love and fear of Allah Ta’ala in our hearts; there is nothing that emphasises how important it is to be chaste and how important it is to be pious and righteous. There is no mention of how Allah Ta’ala’s favours are bestowed upon those who restrain themselves from Haraam in spite of all kinds of temptations … how Allah Ta’ala opens the doors of His Special Mercy and elevates their position and status, and how Allah Ta’ala grants honour and dignity.
Allah Ta’ala’s favours and rewards are not limited or restricted to some people. Allah Ta’ala promises to reward all those who bring Imaan and do good deeds – whoever they are, wherever they are, until the Day of Qiyamah. These rewards will not be exactly as the Ambiyaa عَليهِم السَّلام receive but there is a promise, an assurance and great hope for all doers of good.

HAZRAT YUSUF عَليهِ السَّلام

From among the many incidents that unfolded in the life of Hazrat Yusuf عَليهِ السَّلام was the encounter with the wife of the Azeez3, his master. The Azeez had purchased Hazrat Yusuf عَليهِ السَّلام when he was being sold as a slave.
It is well known that Hazrat Yusuf عَليهِ السَّلام was extremely handsome. Rasulullah 1 mentioned, in regard to his experiences during the Mi’raj4: “When I met Yusuf عَليهِ السَّلام , I saw that Allah (Ta’ala) has blessed him with half of the beauty of the whole world, while the other half has been spread over the rest of it.”

Allah Ta’ala relates in Surah Yusuf, how Zulaikhah, enamoured and infatuated by the exceptional beauty of Hazrat Yusuf عَليهِ السَّلام, attempted to seduce him. …It is clear that she had every intention to commit the sin of Zina. She made all the arrangements which were conducive to committing Zina. She, herself, was very much inclined to engage in this despicable sin. She locked all the doors and she invited Hazrat Yusuf عَليهِ السَّلام to engage in the sin. Allah Ta’ala mentions in the Qur’aan Shareef:

وراودتْهُ التيَْ هُو فيَْ بيْتها عنَْ نفْسهٖ وغلقت البْواب وقالتْ هيْتلكَ ط

[SURAH YUSUF 12 : 23 ]
That was, no doubt, a great test. Moreover, Hazrat Yusuf عَليهِ السَّلام
was young, unmarried and so handsome, and there was nothing restricting him. He was in the palace of the Azeez and would have been recipient to many more gifts from Zulaikhah.
Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Shafi Saheb رحَْمةُ اللهِ عَليهِ had explained in his Tafseer, Ma’ariful Qur’aan, that even though Hazrat Yusuf عَليهِ السَّلام
made the effort to save himself from falling into sin, his situation was very much complicated and difficult since he lived in the very house that Zulaikhah lived in, and he was given in her protection and care. …Her husband, the Azeez of Misr, had high regard for Hazrat Yusuf عَليهِ السَّلام ; was kind, generous and accommodating to him, and had instructed his wife to treat Hazrat Yusuf عَلميهِ السَّلام well; to look after him; to treat him as a respectable and honourable person and not as a slave.

وقال الذَى اشْترَّىهُ منَْ مصْر لمْرأتهٖ أكْرمي مثوىه

[SURAH YUSUF 12 : 21]

Zulaikhah, however, exploited the situation. She desired evil and was determined to commit the shameful deed. Whilst it seemed as if everything was against Hazrat Yusuf عَلميهِ السَّلام , he was determined not to do anything displeasing to Allah Ta’ala. Whereas she wanted him to accept her invitation and sought for the fulfilment of her evil desire, he was determined to escape from the situation; to somehow get away from her clutches with respect and dignity, because there were a lot of implications. …So we see that Hazrat Yusuf عَلميهِ السَّلام was in an extremely trying and testing situation.
Despite the circumstances and the advances of Zulaikhah, who was, herself, exceedingly beautiful, Hazrat Yusuf عَلميهِ السَّلام sought protection in Allah Ta’ala. He turned his attention to Allah Ta’ala and said:

معاذ اللَه

[SURAH YUSUF 12 : 23]
In that difficult situation, Hazrat Yusuf عَلميهِ السَّلام knew that there was no one else who could protect him. Hazrat Yusuf عَلميهِ السَّلام did not depend on his own willpower and resolve to avoid falling into sin. He did not trust his own strength; rather he sought refuge in Allah Ta’ala and Allah Ta’ala protected him.

Together with seeking the protection of Allah Ta’ala, Hazrat Yusuf عَلميهِ السَّلام also made the effort to remove himself from the situation he found himself in. Although Zulaikhah had bolted the doors of the room shut, he still raced towards them. Allah Ta’ala’s protection and assistance became manifest and the locks of the doors opened.
Being a Nabi of Allah Ta’ala, Hazrat Yusuf عَلميهِ السَّلام was Ma’soom (sinless) as well as Mahfooz (Divinely protected from committing any kind of sin). There was no scope of him inclining towards any sin. However, as a human being, that was a great temptation. Allah Ta’ala mentions these verses to teach the people, who will come, until Qiyamah, a lesson in Taqwa. Allah Ta’ala relates:


To Be Continued

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