Qirān and tamattu’ when performing hajj-e-badal

Qirān and tamattu’ when performing hajj-e-badal
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Qirān and tamattu’ when performing hajj-e-badal

  • masjidmuhammad
  • Jul 16, 2021


Can qiran and tamattu‛ be performed for hajj-e-badal?


If the person who asked him to perform hajj-e-badal explicitly states
that he must not perform qiran and tamattu‛, it will not be permissible
for him. If not, he can.

Ahsan al-Fatawa:

A person ought to perform ifrad when performing hajj-e-badal. He can
perform tamattu‛ and qiran if he obtains permission for it from the
one who ordered him. However, in such a case, dumm-e-shukr will be
the responsibility of the one who has been asked to perform the hajj-ebadal.
If the one who ordered him, happily gives the money for the
dumm-e-shukr, it will be permissible. Nowadays, it is generally the
norm for the one who asks a person to perform hajj-e-badal to give the
person permission for tamattu‛, qiran and dumm. This is why an
explicit permission is not necessary. Despite this, it will be better to
obtain an explicit permission.

Allah ta‛ala knows best.

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