Tawāf-e-widā’ for the people of Hill

Tawāf-e-widā’ for the people of Hill
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Tawāf-e-widā’ for the people of Hill

  • masjidmuhammad
  • Jul 12, 2021


A person is employed in Jeddah where he has been living for 20-25
years. He is not a citizen of the country. He is merely working there.
He is going to Jeddah after completing his hajj. Is tawaf-e-wida‛ wajib
on him or mustahab?


This person has not adopted Jeddah as his watan (hometown); he is
merely a resident there. Tawaf-e-wida‛ will therefore be wajib on him.
However, if he has made Jeddah his hometown and has no intention of
shifting from there, tawaf-e-wida‛ will be mustahab for him. This is
because tawaf-e-wida‛ for the residents of Makkah and the people of
Hill (those who live within the boundaries of the miqat) is mustahab
and not wajib.

Allah ta‛ala knows best.

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