Tawāf-e-ziyārat while in menses

Tawāf-e-ziyārat while in menses
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Tawāf-e-ziyārat while in menses

  • masjidmuhammad
  • Jul 12, 2021


A woman delayed in performing tawaf-e-ziyarat because of menses,
but she cannot stay any longer in Makkah. Can she come out of her
ihram without performing tawaf-e-ziyarat? How can this obligatory
tawaf be performed?


She must make efforts to stay and then perform tawaf-e-ziyarat in a
state of purity. If after making efforts, she still cannot stay over, and
she performed her tawaf-e-ziyarat while in her menses, it will be valid
but she will have to make qurbani of a budnah, i.e. a large animal. This
qurbani will have to be done in the Haram.

Bada’i‛ as-Sana’i‛:

The gist of the text of ‛Allamah Ibn Taymiyyah rahimahullah is that as
per the view of the four Imams, if a woman performs tawaf while in
her menses out of necessity, dumm will be wajib and the tawaf will be
correct. This is because she has no other alternative. It will be good if
she takes a bath as well.

There is leeway for a woman in this situation to perform tawaf while
she is impure. This is because it will be difficult for her to return from
her country to perform the tawaf. As long as she does not perform the
tawaf, she is forbidden to her husband. According Hanafi jurists, if she
performs tawaf while in her menses, her tawaf will be valid, but dumm
will be wajib, and the dumm will be a budnah (a large animal).

Allah ta‛ala knows best.

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