The meaning of Lā ba’s

The meaning of Lā ba’s
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The meaning of Lā ba’s

  • masjidmuhammad
  • Apr 08, 2021


‛Ālamgiri and other books of jurisprudence use the words la ba’s which
is normally used to refer to something which is khilaf-e-aula (not the
ideal). We learn from this that khilaf-e-aula is makruh. What is the
answer to this?


When ‛Ālamgiri and other books used the words la ba’s, they don’t mean
makruh and khilaf-e-aula. There are many places where la ba’s is used
for actions which are mandub (good to do). ‛Allamah Ibn Nujaym
rahimahullah and ‛Allamah Shami rahimahullah clearly mention this in
several places.


Allah ta‛ala knows best.

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