The order to stand and drink zam zam

The order to stand and drink zam zam
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The order to stand and drink zam zam

  • masjidmuhammad
  • Jul 19, 2021


If a person is drinking zam zam at his house, must he stand and drink
it or does he have to sit down?


It is permissible – without any detestability – to drink zam zam while
standing or sitting down. However, it is better to drink it while


Some ‛ulama’ are of the view that zam zam too [like other water] must
be drunk while sitting, and that the narration which says that
Rasulullah sallallahu ‛alayhi wa sallam drank it while standing was due to
large crowds, or to demonstrate permissibility. However, the popular
view of the ‛ulama’ is that drinking zam zam is not included in the
prohibition of standing and drinking water. In fact, it is better to drink
it while standing.1

‛Allamah Rafi‛i rahimahullah refutes the above view of ‛Allamah Shami
rahimahullah, and this is in line with the other books of jurisprudence.

Taqrarat ar-Rafi‛i:

The etiquette of zam zam which are generally given apply to hajj and
while being in the Haram. However, the Ahadith which refer to the
virtues of zam zam water are general in nature, and apply to all

Furthermore, it is a good thing to observe the etiquette of the Haram
in other places as well.

Kitab al-Fatawa:

The greatness of zam zam is not confined to hajj. Rather, it applies to
all times and climes. It is therefore incorrect to think that there are
separate injunctions related to zam zam during hajj, and during
normal situations.2

Zubdah al-Manasik describes the sequence of drinking zam zam. The
following is mentioned there:

Turn towards the Ka‛bah, stand up, hold the glass of zam zam in the
right hand, and then drink. It is makruh to drink with the left hand.
Drink it in three breaths. Read Bismillah before each breath and al-
Hamdulillah after each breath. This is desirable (mustahabb).3

Allah ta‛ala knows best.


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3 Zubdah al-Manasik, p. 137.

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